A good 4th

Had a good 4th of July. Went over to my folks’ house on Friday and made a couple of apple pies with Mom. On Saturday the Spouse and I packed up the guacamole and a spare can of propane and went over there again.

Youngest sister, her kids, Spouse and Middle Sister’s Spouse and I went swimming in the neighbor’s pool. We then dried off and trooped back to make dinner. Wonderful Spouse made the hamburgers and hot dogs. There was potato salad and beans. We played games with the kids, write down a word for each letter of a person’s name, waiting for it to get dark. I did my best to come up with words they didn’t know.

The one sharp point of sorrow in the day was Dad, sitting quiet and gray in his corner on the couch. He spoke seldom and moved even less. He’s continued to lose weight and grown less active as the days go by. I’m concerned. It seems like he might be giving up. It’s been very hard on him. I think the whole reappearance of the myeloma has depressed him incredibly. And he seems less able to withstand the treatment.

The doctor has decided he should stop the medication at least until they’re back from vacation. A decision I’m grateful for. I have been fearful that they’re curing him to death. They’re also giving him and infusion (transfusion) today. I’m hoping that will make at least a little difference in his energy level.

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