Creepy UPS Guy

So the Wonderful Spouse and I, or rather I and the Wonderful Spouse are having a rather strange experience and I’m just not sure how to handle it.

It’s the UPS driver. He creeps us out. Both the Spouse and I have both had experiences with him. Experiences that creeped us both out. Experiences that occurred on different days at different times, but leave us both feeling more than a little itchy.

He made a delivery one day, stopping as I came out the gate, sitting down on the planter wall, and saying “You’ve been doing a lot of shopping, haven’t you?” I could see that he was looking around behind me into the yard. I said “Yep”, went in the gate and locked it.

I told my husband about my feelings. He looked at me and said that the same guy had come into our garage when he was working there, going to the front gate and then into the garage, the door of which opens onto the street. He’d already thrown the package over the gate and had no reason to go into the garage. My husband was working at the workbench behind the car, so the guy didn’t see him at first. The Spouse also said that he’s seen him parked around the corner for long periods during which he seems to be checking out the neighbor’s home.

Now the guy hasn’t done anything that’s actually wrong. But I trust my creepometer. I have to deal with people who have issues on a weekly, if not daily, basis. It fine-tunes your radar for people who are a little bit off quite quickly. I’m wondering if I should tell UPS to check and see if there have been any murders along this guy’s route. No doubt they would think I’m crazy. Well, I am crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

One thought on “Creepy UPS Guy

  1. I would definately call UPS. Sometimes they don’t background these guys like they should be, he is probably scooping stuff out, for him or a friend who will give him a cut. We have had a wave or burgulries in my so safe neighborhood, things taken out of cars in driveways, daytime breakins etc.

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