I buy lunch every day at work. I really feel like I shouldn’t. It’s wasteful, unhealthy and expensive. Every once in a while I resovle to take my lunch to work. And every time I do, I find out all over again why I don’t bring it. There’s no place to eat it except in the basement break room, windowless, cheerless, boring. I call it the dungeon.

Lunch is my only chance during the day to get out of the building. Go outside and walk a little, get away from my desk. There’s no place to go nearby besides the dungeon. Maybe my car, parked in the parking structure. What fun that would be.

I resolve not to resolve to bring my lunch until I can find someplace to eat it.

One thought on “Lunch

  1. I used to eat at my desk in my office. But found getting out was so much nicer, the problem is after so many lunches out the weight started creeping on. I am not eating out as much now.

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