How to rid your garden of pests or Evil Plans

I have pests in my yard. Or rather, my neighbor has pests and they’ve ended up in my yard and are making a mess of it.

My neighbor has a couple of teenage sons. For a long time they and a couple of other boys have practiced skateboarding in the street in front of our houses. I don’t mind; they don’t run into cars, they get out of the way of traffic. But recently there have been girls. The girls, I’m afraid, are the pests.

They run up and down the walkway the common area, giggling and throwing the stones in the path at the boy’s satellite dish. Their aim is exactly what you would expect of adolescent girls and most of the stones end up in our yard. If I look out the window, they scream and run.

They also stand in my yard and talk to the boys. I think because the boy’s parents can’t see them there. I would care, except that the girls like to kick the mulch out onto the sidewalk and into the street. At first I thought it was a cat or a dog or something. The mulch would be out on walkway and in the street. I’d go out and sweep it up and the next day it would be out again.

Finally my husband pretty much caught them at it and told me about it. I immediately started plotting. How do I get them to stop without making the situation worse?

Asking them to stop would probably make it worse. Hell hath no fury like a resentful teenage girl. I could rake the mulch back and water the dirt to mud every day. But that’s wasteful of water and not good for the plants besides.

I thought about setting the sprinklers to water for a minute every 10 minutes for an hour, but my system will only water every hour on the hour. It might be workable, but once an hour is not all that usefull. So far the best option seems to be a motion activated sprinkler. Now wouldn’t that be a surprise.

The whole thing may be moot. When I got home today the mess they’d made last night was gone and my husband said he hadn’t cleaned it up. I’m wondering if the kid’s dad came over and cleaned it up. He’s been an exemplary neighbor so far and it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Much better if he caught them at it and made them stop. That way their resentment won’t be focused on me. *Sigh* I was kind of looking forward to the squealing and running.

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