I am about to commit catricide

The new kitty likes toys that jingle.  We have several of the plastic balls that have bells in them for her to chase around the house.  Which she does whenever she can find one of them.  The trouble began at midnight last night when she discovered one under our bed and started playing with it.  I was just falling asleep when she found it and started rolling it around.  It was LOUD as we have wood floors.  I got out of bed to try to find her or the ball.  Couldn’t find the ball and she ran away.  I got back into bed.  15 minutes later, same thing.  And again 15 minutes after that.  And then again.  That time I waved a pillow at her and tried to shoo her away.  When she did it again I got down on the floor, found the ball, threw it into the trash and chased her out of the room.  She doesn’t know how close a call that was.

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