Dad’s going to CoH today to talk to the radiation group.  They’re also going to give him radiation treatments.  I really am concerned about them treating him to death.  He’s been through so much and they keep doing so many things to him.  I’m grateful that they’re not just leaving him to languish, but all of this stuff has been very hard on him.  He looks awful. 

He still has some back pain after the kyphoplasty he had last week.  We pretty much expected that.  It’s not anywhere near as bad as it was, but it’s still very evident.  They did 3 bones in his back.  Interesting procedure.  They make a small incision, insert a balloon, inflate it until the vertebra is the shape that it should be then fill it with cement.  The cement hardens and a bone that was compressed is now back to a more normal shape.  They might yet do one more, but the doctor doesn’t do more than 3 at a time.

Mother’s day was OK.  We were short one daughter, as she went with her kids to walk the Golden Gate Bridge for a Girl Scout event.  I cooked, Middle Sister brought utensils and I tried hard to put the house back the way we found it before we left.  Mom and Dad didn’t do much of the talking.  I think they’re both just worn out.

I’ll go over there again this Friday and do some more work around the house; weed in both the front and back yards, clean out the pond a little more, work on the area around the birch trees.  Plus anything that needs to be done inside the house.  Unfortunately, working around my parent’s home makes it less likely that any work will get done around my own home, something that’s not very likely in the first place.

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