I’ve been slimed

Went over to my folks house twice this weekend.  Once dragging the Wonderful Spouse to help reset the sprinkler timers that my Dad messed up in the ‘period of many errors.’  Of course I badgered the Spouse about what he was doing half the time he was doing it.  Recommendation: Don’t buy cheap sprinkler timers.  Their instructions are written in Chinese, then translated to Japanese and then into English.  He never did get it figured out.  But at least Mom can turn the sprinklers off and on manually so she doesn’t have to water by hand.

I spent my time cleaning out the pond filter.  Oh my, how fun that was.  Slippery, slimy and smelly.  It was relatively easy to do, outside of that the pond bottom is slippery and the surrounding rocks are slimy.  The filter itself just needed rinsing.

Poor Dad.  He looks terrible and isn’t getting around very well.  I kept telling him to go sit down.  I’m afraid I wasn’t very polite.  I apologized later, but one minor fall could be the difference between life and death right now.  I asked him to stop scaring the crap out of me.

After I cleaned the filter the Spouse turned the waterfall back on.  It smelled bad for a little while, but then it cleared up.  I fished fallen stuff out and replanted a water lily that came unplanted.  Then I weeded.  I figured that they would be safer if the house looked a little less deserted.  They have a guy that mows the lawn, but that’s really all he does.

Never thought I’d end up doing more work at someone else’s house than my own.  But at least it’s something I can do.  So much of dealing with his illness is sitting back and waiting for other people to do stuff.

It’s been a little over a week since we found out his pain was caused by compression fractures in his spine.  They said that they were going to inject his spine with cement which will fortify the bone and help with his pain.  Until this morning they hadn’t heard anything on the scheduling.  It just seems like forever between when they say they’re going to do something and when they get around to doing it.  It’s not really.  Just a little over a week.  But I want to run around the City of Hope and poke all of his doctors with sharp sticks.  A behavior I know would be counterproductive, even though it would be very satisfying.

They did find out that he will having the kyphoplasty tomorrow.  Drive up to City of Hope (henceforth referred to as CoH) for bloodwork today and back up again tomorrow for the procedure.  I fervently hope that it does some good.  I haven’t really had the experience of watching someone I care about suffer.  I’m really grateful that it hasn’t happened before.  Funny how experience changes your perception. 

On top of everything else my computer is acting wonky.  Have I said how much I hate Windows Vista?  I really, really hate Windows Vista.  And I’m not to happy with the Photoshop Bridge, either.  Somehow between the two programs the photos I downloaded from my camera on Sunday got put in a folder I haven’t used in two years.  I don’t want my computer to decide anything.

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