Hope on a Monday

So fortunately my Dad saw his regular doctor last week and he said something was going on and suggested that they see someone else.  City of Hope being where he went for his multiple myeloma.

The bad news, the myeloma is back.  The good news, the calcium imbalance caused by the myeloma is what’s been cause the problems with his mentation and it should clear up with a few days of care.

The appointment at the City of Hope was noon for the labs and 1 pm for the doctor.  I drove and my youngest sister met us there.  We went in and sat down.  Dad was anxious about missing them call him, so we moved a couple of times to be closer to the lab.  After the lab blood draw we went up to diagnosis and treatment to meet with the doctor.

We didn’t have to wait too long.  The first person who came in was a lady with a buzz cut.  I was sort of captivated by the buzz cut, not on the basis of attraction but on the thought that it would be ultimate low maintenance haircut. 

She started asking questions and we all sort of traded off on answering.  Sometimes answering for questions he didn’t hear, or expressing the things that we had noticed or were concerned about. 

When we talked about the confusion she kind of backed off and said that wasn’t something that they would handle.  You could have cut the tension in that room with a knife.  You really don’t want to say that you can’t help someone with 3 very protective women in the room.  It’s not good for your health.

Then his actual doctor came in and took a look at his blood tests.  They didn’t have all of them back, but she didn’t like what she saw.  When she got the last of them she told us that the myeloma was active again.  He had high blood calcium and that was causing his confusion.  They wanted to check him in.  Now.

Now actually turned out to be five hours later.  We sat in the exam room for over an hour.  We finally moved out into a hall because he was so uncomfortable sitting on the metal chairs.  The hall had nice cushy ones where he actually fell asleep for a few minutes.  We were out there probably another hour.  Then to admitting for maybe 20 minutes.  And then finally to a room.  Seemed to take forever.

The walk to his room was a flashback to his first time there.  He’s just a few rooms from where he was before.  I fervently hope it won’t be a repeat of the last time.

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