Progress is retrograde

Dad is getting worse at an alarming rate.  The differences are notable from day to day.  It’s maddening-frightening-frustrating.  I know the progress of AD varies, but this much change in the space of week?

I feel like he’s walking away into a fog.  I can see my father less and less clearly with every passing step.  Or like pieces of him are falling away.  What’s left will have the outline of my father, but his essence won’t be there.

My sisters and I instant message constantly, discussing developments, wondering about the future, thinking of the options available for different situations.  Thank the fates for them or I would lose my mind.  That’s an unfortunate but appropriate analogy.

I tried a really heavy workout yesterday in the hopes of getting some sleep and it was partially successful.  Played faux tennis on the Wii for quite a while.  It’s not as satisfying as really smashing a ball around on the tennis court, but it’s much easier on the joints.  Did some weights, too.  I’ve always felt good after lifting weights and it definitely helped.  Going to try for a longer workout tonight.

2 thoughts on “Progress is retrograde

  1. I just spent a little time catching up on reading. I have been neglecting my reads. I am so sorry to hear about your father. What a frightening disease. I will keep you in my prayers. Love all the butterfly stuff and the yard, I would love to see some pictures! I am starting a little project in my yard too.

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