Somebody’s watching me


Originally uploaded by lorinda3l2000.

We had a little excitement in our yard a couple of weeks ago. At least it was exciting to me.

I entered the patio from the front yard where I was working to see something large take off from one of the hooks where I hang my wind chimes. It flew too the end of the patio and landed on the barbeque. A hawk! I don’t know what kind. It seemed to large to be a kestrel, but it seems that is what it most likely was.

I don’t know if it was in the yard hunting or just getting a drink, but I was so jazzed to think that it was there at all.

My second surprise is the small lizard in the picture above. I was cleaning dead leaves off the vines on the wall when something shot up the from underneath my hand. Took me a second to realize what it was. It shot over the fence and since then I’ve seen it in the front yard several times. It watched me while I was working and I watched it. I didn’t seem to bother it at all until I got out my camera and took this picture, then it was off in a flash. I haven’t had lizards in the yard for a long time. Having several felines does not encourage small crawly things. I was glad it moved to the front yard; it’s much safer there.

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