I recently purchased my first mp3 player.  I’d wanted one for a long time, but wasn’t sure.  I buy too many toys that I don’t end up using.  But I finally broke down and got one.

I love the device itself; it’s ever so shiny.  And there are so many things you can do with it, useful and otherwise.

I spent a couple of weeks going through my cd’s, emptying shelves, clearing out my car, and adding them to my library.  Then I got a case for it and put it in my purse.

Wonder of wonders, I’m actually using it.  And enjoying it.  Listening to music I haven’t listened to in forever.  Playing time wasting games when I’m bored.  And last night I found out you can buy books for it.  50 classic novels for $10.99.  But my husband got me a Kindle for Christmas.  I haven’t received it yet, but it’s supposed to be here soon.  Damn!  Do I really need multiple reading devices?

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