Busy weekend with rain

Busy weekend for me this weekend.  We had Dad’s birthday party, and while the party wasn’t a surprise, some of the guests were.

I went over to my folks house on Saturday to help out with the preparations.  Made my very first angelfood cake.  Not that making it was much of a big deal.  Add water to the mix and stir.  Came out fabulously lopsided so everyone got to see my lack of baking skills.  Yet another reason I don’t like baking.  Mistakes are so darned obvious.  Well, at least it was tasty.

So Saturday Mom and I cooked and baked and cleaned.  Sunday was the party, a good time was had by all. 

I was hoping to get a little yard work in on Monday, but it was not to be.   Most of the weekend was dry, but Monday, the only day I spent at home, it rained pretty much all day.  I went outside once, for less than two minutes and it started pouring.  A few seconds later it started to hail.  I watched for a couple of minutes and went inside.  The Wonderful Spouse was standing on the stairs, eyes wide.  He’d been going to ask what I’d done to make all the noise when he saw the hail through the open door.  Sorry sweetheart, I can’t cause hail.

For the rest of the day I grumbled around the house.  I wanna go outside and play in the yard!

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