Sunday in the garden

Spent several hours in the garden on Sunday in the company of the cats and the tortoise. I can’t think of a better place or way to spend my time.








Whenever it’s warm enough we take Spud outside. He wanders ponderously from one end of the patio to the other.

Spud has his own little garage.  During the summer we leave him outside.  I have drip irrigation set up to give him water and we stacked some paving stones up to give him a hiding place. 

Poor guy didn’t get much peace on Sunday. The new kitten played tag with him as he wandered about. She’d run up to him, grab his shell and then bound away.  And I spent a lot of time sweeping.  He’d get all nestled in to some protected spot and I’d come along with the broom.



I didn’t have any good pictures of our new kitty, so I set out to take some. Kind of a challenge as she’s all over the place and into everything. The perfect essence of kitten.

I still don’t have a really good picture of her, but at least I have some that are less bad.

There were plenty of visitors to the garden. The carpenter bees in the driftwood stump are beginning to be active again.

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