Insane day

While they haven’t been laying people off here yet, positions vacated are not being filled.  This has affected me directly as the person that covered breaks and lunches at the front desk moved to a new position and no one will be hired for the old one.

The receptionist has a young child and hasn’t been completely well in the last three months.  She took the last couple of days off.  Under most circumstances that’s not an issue, but it was council day today and I’ve been doing her job and my own.  On top of that my boss has been distracted by some personal business.  I’ve been trying to get things taken care of with a minimum of fuss.

This is difficult when I’m pretty much nailed to my desk.  They managed to find someone to relieve me for lunch, but that was it.  I tell myself it doesn’t do my image any harm to get it all done and still stay calm, at least on the outside.  Made for a long day.

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