The Stupid Stick

I feel like I hit myself with a big fat stupid stick at some time in history.

I have a neat type of grass that I put in a pot in the front yard.  It’s a really neat orange color and I like it, but it has an odd growing habit.  The blades get really long, four feet or more, and are thin and flexible.  I keep feeling like there has to be something I can make out of it.  New blades push out the old blades as they grow and the whole thing looks very much like hair.  Up until yesterday I didn’t realize that the stuff that has flung itself all over the other plants was loose and was preparing to give the whole thing a major haircut just when it’s color was the best.  All I really had to do was comb it out of the other plants. 

It was weird looking.  Looked like I had half a trash can full of very coarse blond hair.  I thought about taking a picture of it, but it kind of grossed me out.  Looked like there should be a hippy down underneath all of it.

I really enjoy gardening shows, but I don’t think they’re very realistic.  Over and over again I find myself with the wrong plants in the wrong place.  Spent a half hour digging up a lantana.  I’d planted it next to a sprinkler and it just loved it.  It was still small fortunately.  I cut all the branches back and then rocked the plant back and forth.  That showed me where the roots were that I needed to cut to get it out and also loosened the roots so I could pull them up as well.  That will help to cut back on new plants sprouting up from the roots. 

I’ve also been cleaning out some of the 70 plus pots on the patio and making decisions.  The banana experiement failed, so they’re going, one by one.  I’ve come to the conclusion that lemon grass, while it smells lovely, is ugly and must go.

I’m trying to be thoughtful about what I put in as replacements for the old stuff.  I’ve found a place that sells xeriscaping plants.  I’ll test them out and see how they do.  If I can get away with using the sprinklers once or twice a week and watering the stuff in pots by hand that would be great.

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