Family Christmas

The whole family part of Christmas really turned out pretty good for me this year.  I looked forward to each of the visits, stepson and his wife, mother-in-law and then Christmas day with my family. 

The whole group was a miracle of organization in the prep work and dinner.  I’ve seen ballets that were less in sync.  It really was like watching a dance, while I got to be part of it.  Spouse helped me in the kitchen before anyone else got there.  Mom had been working for days and just ran out of steam on the day of.  Guess I should take over a little bit more of the grunt work in the preceding days.

My Dad built a table for my Mom so that we could all sit at one table.  He built it out o plywood and some 2 x 4’s.  It sits in the rafters in the garage all year except Christmas.  He, my husband and my sister’s husband put it together.   It was a thing of beauty to watch.  The kids even helped with the dishes.

Presents, oh yeah, there were presents and they were good.  But nothing compares with a day like that.  I have a great family and love them all,  but that was special.

I’d made photo books of the family vacations for Mom.  Both she and my sister work hard to put those together.  I just put most of the photos with actual people in them together, labelled with our names, the place and the year.  Mom enjoyed them and everyone else wanted to look at them.

It was actually sort of serendipitous that I made books.  My Dad’s secret project was my Mom’s general recollection of her life written down, pretty much chronologically.  I’m veryglad to have it.

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