Christmas is California

My family has been in the habit of giving me seeds at Christmas.  I always thought that seeds in December were a little early.  Turns out that in California, seeds in December are just right.

Today was the first weekend in a while that I could really get outside.  It’s been either burning, as in the hills are on fire, or raining.  I spent the time sweeping up the leaves on the boston ivy or pulling up plants that are coming up where I don’t want them.  Every seed in the yard is taking advantage of the rains and sprouting.  We’ve frost on the roofs a little, but nothing like a hard freeze.  Tomatoes, cosmos and weeds are coming up all over.  I turned off the sprinklers a couple of weeks ago when the rain started and we still have things coming up all over.

I had a few tomato plants that were still up and growing, but I pulled them up today.  I’ve decided I don’t like the yellow tomato plant that I bought this year.  The skins crack on almost all of them.  I’ve decided that cherry tomatoes are best for my yard.  They don’t seem to need quite as much sun or water and both the plants and the fruit seem to have fewer problems all around.  Plus for my postage stamp yard they fit the best.  They do well in pots and it’s fun to walk through the yard and have a snack.  So out went the lemon boys.

It’s supposed to continue warm for next five days or so, so I can look forward to more time outside.

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