It’s official

I’ve been assigned as the official photographer of the oath of office for our newly relected council members.  This is at once exhilerating and terrifying.  The last time I tried this, I had no direction at all.  This time I get to have a 1/2 hour meeting with the Public Information Officers.  Eek!

I’m pleased to have some direction.  I’m going to write down my questions.  Like, how close can I get?  Gonna have to be on the stage to do a half-way decent job.  I’m waay better at outdoor shots in natural light than I am at indoor stuff with a flash.  I think I’d better practice.

Maybe I can talk my husband into posing in different places for me to practice on.  Indoors, outdoors.  The hall for this is an actual theater in the round.  Wide open spaces.  I will have to use the big flash.  Crap.  I have so little experience with it.  At least I’m cheap.

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