Macadamias, again

Looks like I get to spread Grandma’s macadamias around a little farther.  I was talking to someone at work about planting trees.  She had planted a pomegranate tree in her yard, but has been told that it was too young to bear fruit.

I told her about planting macadamia nuts from my grandmother’s tree and how it is bearing nuts years before the experts say it should.  I planted it in 2002 or 2003, I think and have gotten nuts from it for the last two years.  The web site with info on them predicted 10 or 11 years.  Now my friend at work would like a few to try to grow in her yard and I’m happy to oblige.  I still think of my grandmother often and it pleases me to spread a little of her legacy to someone else who loves plants.

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