Sick cats

The kitten, currently christened ‘Monkey Butt’, subject to change without notice, is fine.  The other cats are getting sick, one by one.

First was my husband’s cat, then went mine, now the third is getting it too.  You can tell they have a sore throat.  They want to eat, but it’s just too painful.  We’ve been giving them chicken broth and baby food.  I want to hold and comfort them, but then they purr.  And then they cough and choke.  I just give the the food and the pain med from the vet and leave them be.

Monkey is just your regular kitten, which is to say a circus in a 2 pound package.  Now that the Spouse’s cat is better she wrestles with him endlessly.  He complains every time she attacks his tail, but if she’s out of sight for a while he goes looking for her.  We bring her up on the bed and she bounces from one end to the other, attacking anything that moves and quite a few things that don’t.

When she’s moving she goes at light speed.  When she’s sleeping she resembles nothing more than a sock full of sand, limp.

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