No good deed

Goes unpunished.  We adopted the lost kitten.  All of our cats are sick.  Oldest cat went down first.  He lost his voice (not necessarily a bad thing), but was also lethargic and not eating so much. 

Now both Ash and Sprite aren’t feeling well.  Kitt seems much better and he’s been to vet, nothing bad in the blood tests, so I’m not going to worry about it, but it always seems like the free pets cost you the most.  This happened with our last rescue kitty, too.  She had something, they never figured out what, and we ended up taking her to an emergency vet in the middle of the night.  Cost us more than the paid for kitties both together.

The new kitten hasn’t seemed sick at all.  She had some digestive issues when she first adopted us, but being thrown out all on their own would upset anyone’s stomach.  Things have settled down since and the vet says that she’s free of parasites (ich) etc.  We kept her seperate from the other cats for a week, but that obviously wasn’t enough.  *Sigh*

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