Delachampia blossom

In that order, darn near always.  Ash is raining down in our yard today.  I swear every time they talk about wind on the news all the pyromaniacs pic up their lighters and run for the hills, literally.  The wind started, with the fire starting immediately after.

I really do wonder what comes first.  Do the pyros all go out when the wind is blowing or do they light fires all the time, but the firemen can get them out before they become news when the wind is not blowing.

It was actually a great weekend for yard work, though I didn’t actually do any until Sunday.  It wasn’t too hot or too cold.  It’s best for me to wear long pants and long sleeves when I garden.  My skin doesn’t react well to lots of the plants. 

Yardwork for me is generally more of a holding action with the plants intent on taking over the world.  I seem to do an awful lot of pruning.  I cut the delachampia down to about three feet high.  There was barely a leaf left on it.  That apparently didn’t faze it.  It’s bursting out all over the place.  I’m going to try to keep it pruned to a bush form.  Like every other vine I’ve had, it’s trying to take over the world.

For a long time I’ve kept all of my orchids in the atrium.  Recently I moved a couple of them out to the main patio, around the front door where I can see them.  And wonder of wonders, I pay more attention to them and get blooms out of them a couple of times a year.  Hmm.  Kick me once or twice and I’ll get the idea.  I think I’ll move them all out there.  they will no doubt get better attention from me and less from Spud, who I think ate the blossom off of one of them.

One thought on “Delachampia blossom

  1. So you were in the line of the fires. I was evacuated back in April. Its a scary thing. I need to do something about my yard, but have not done a thing. its going to hell in a hand basket, with 3 dogs and a broken sprinkler system the greass is almost completely gone. I want to put some pavers in and maybe turn half the yard into more drought toleant stuff, then replant some grass.

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