The last time we went to the pet supply place to get cat food, etc.   We bought some etc.  A leash and collar to be exact.  We have no dogs.  His intention was apparently to take his cat out for walks on the leash.  Right.  The cat that goes crazy if you put a collar on him. 

Damned if it isn’t working.  We had one escape attempt, something scare Kitt and he twisted out of his collar and ran off.  Husband came running in asking me to help find him, but by the time I had my shoes on, Kitt was at the gate yowing to be let in.

Since then he’s stopped struggling when the collar is put on and he and the spouse go out and wander up and down in front of the house.  Of course he stands in front of the gate crying now, wanting to be taken for a walk.  I think we’ve created a monster.

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