Sore muscles

Dug a lantana out of one of the planters in the front yard this weekend.  Another idea gone wrong.  I wanted something low-growing and drought tolerant.  The drought tolerant was fine.  It flourished with very little water.  The low growing, not so much.  Another monster trying to take over the world.

So over the weekend I pruned it back to a stump and then tried to dig it out.  That took a little more muscle than I actually have, so the Spouse took over when I ran out of steam.  Chopping roots out with a mattock as opposed to a hatchet, not easy.

Been having a lot of fun with the Wii.  I really enjoy using the fit in addition to walking.  It keeps track of what I’ve done so I’m always motivated to beat my last score.  And I like the variety of exercises available.  I don’t get bored just doing one thing day after day.  Exercise a la carte.  I always try to do the ones I hate at least once during each session.  I figure I need those most.  Either that or rampant masochism.

I actually feel like I’m benefiting from the variety.  My balance has been horrible for years.  I have a tendency to go down stairs one step at a time.

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