Bits and pieces

I still haven’t written much since we returned from the Galapagos (the Galapagos!)  I haven’t been on schedule since we left.  The trip was great, like being part of a National Geographic video.  Those islands are incredible.  Little pieces of desert out in the middle of the ocean.  With a few incredibly lush areas just for contrast.  I feel so lucky to have been able to go there.  Ecuador keeps putting more and more restrictions on visitors and I can’t say that I blame them. 

I started uploading pictures to Flickr, but I can’t remember where I left off, so I’m going to wait until I finish with them, then delete the whole lot and re-load them.

Yesterday was almost a completely wasted day as far as my brain goes.  I think I may have entirely missed my meds for Monday.  Generally if I miss a day I know and how.  Major headache, achey all over, feel antsy, blood pressure through the roof.  Something fell on my pillbox and broke it during the quake and it’s been hard for me to make sure I’m scheduled right.  I didn’t feel like I’d missed a whole day’s worth, but I didn’t feel good.  Blood pressure was weird, 120/100, so I took and extra of the one my doc had decided I should take an extra of it was high.  I had a hard time staying awake during the day and went to bed immediately when I got home.

Having a chronic illness is a pain.  I tell myself I’m lucky, and I am.  I’m alive.  I’ve been asymptomatic for lupus for more than 20 years.  I just gotta remember the damn pills correctly.

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