A box of rocks

I got a box of rocks for my birthday this weekend.  And I liked it.  In fact, it was one of my favorite gifts.

My sister’s new husband, of less than 2 years, has taken to our family wholeheartedly.  We’re a bit of an odd group, so that kind of acceptance is appreciated.  When we went to Washington for the the family getaway he took to the beachcombing right away and spent a lot of time doing it.  My sister told me that he does that kind of thing all the time, where ever he goes.

He and my sister when to Utah to visit some of his family and he collected a bunch of flint, obsidian and some petrified twigs.  They’re really pretty colors.  Some of them may have been worked by indians.

Not candy, clothes or jewelry, but a box of rocks.   And I really like them.  Now I have to find a jar to put them in.

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