Stalking the heron

One of my nieces and I bonded over photography while we were on vacation. My sister said that my niece had been bugging her about getting a camera that used film. I was appalled.

I think that digital cameras are the second best invention ever, the first being computers and the internet. I’ve been interested in photography all of my life. I took photography courses in both high school and college. But it was too expensive a hobby when you have to do it the old school way. I have great respect for those who still work that way, but I just can’t afford it.

So the niece and I had a little talk about cameras. She has quite a good one for her age, 10. We talked about how much easier and cheaper it is to work with digital photos and how most of how pictures turn out is the work of the photographer, not the camera.

We spent a lot of time walking around together taking pictures. She really has quite a good eye. We stalked this fellow up and down the beach several times. He came to the beach a few times while we were there. He was hunting eels in the eelgrass. At least they looked like eels to me.

It was cool to talk to my niece; I took her seriously and didn’t talk down to her. I know that for me some of the smallest things were the biggest encouragements. She can a lot with her pictures at realatively little expense for her mom.

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