Good news and a long overdue explanation

Sister is doing fine. She’s back home from the hospital and going in to work for a couple of hours. She was quite anemic and they gave her a transfusion while she was in the hospital, getting her blood type in the process.

She is O-negative, as am I. She came to the same delirious conclusion that I did when I was hospitalized and needed transfusion. How can to O-positive parents have an O-negative child. I went so far as to ask my mother if there was anything she wanted to tell me about my real father.

My sister’s hematologist explained it to her and I looked it up myself. Apparently it’s quite easy for O-negative children to come from O-positive parents. A simple explanation here.

It was more dramatic to think that our parents might not be our parents, but then I’ve never been a big fan of drama.

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