The thing about this years family vacation is that everywhere, every moment I look, I’m seeing my parent’s mortality.  Both of them tired terribly on this trip.  And my sister’s illness immediately after helped not at all.

They both seemed so tired when I saw them in my sister’s hospital room.

They’ve done so much for all of us.  All three of us sisters have had our trials and they’ve always been there, each in their own way.

When I was sick, Mom came to the hospital every day.  Every day.  40 days in a row.  Doesn’t seem like much?  Try it sometime.

After I got home, Dad stayed with me.  He kept track of my medications, checking each one of, seven or eight of them, four times a day.  On a spreadsheet.  One that he made on graph paper by hand, without a computer.

They’ve done the same for all of us.  Each as we’ve needed it, and, oh, we’ve needed it.

I don’t know how to go on without them.  I certainly don’t want to go on without them, though I know I will.  It will be difficult.

But not impossible.  I’m lucky.  I get to carry that seed of love and caring inside me.  No matter what happens to me, now and ever, I’ve had my family.

One thought on “Family

  1. I am just getting caught up. OMG, about your sister. I am glad that things are looking good. But why did she have a heart attack then???? You are so lucky to have parents that are so wonderful. I lost my dad when I was 26, he was 55. My mom is mentally ill, tho wont admit or deal with it. So she has never been there for me. Didn’t even come to Nats funeral. So I am smacking you on the side of the head, but its ok not to realize this stuff. I do the same thing as your parents now, try to make a family out of who is left including the strays, friends and neighbors who are alone.

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