Insert swear words here

I was writing a post along the same lines as she did.  It was a nice vacation.  No one got major league sick and I didn’t end the week wanting to kill anyone.

I wrote too soon.  My sister has had a heart attack.  My younger sister had a heart attack. Crap!  That’s not supposed to happen.  She apparently had it on Sunday and she and her husband didn’t think to inform the family. 

C’mon guys!  We just spent a week with 12 of us in the same house and there was no shouting and no attempts at murder.  You know we must like you.

So I went to see her at the hospital this afternoon.  Her heart may be on the fritz but her sense of humor is intact.  They’re doing an angiogram this afternoon to check things out.  We’ll have more info then.  It seems that the episode might have been exacerbated by a bad reaction to a new medication.  The medication didn’t cause it, but it sure didn’t help.

I feel much better after having seen her.  She seems herself, if a little tired.  The hospital let four of us into her Cardiac ICU room.  I’ve noticed that hospitals generally let you do what you want as long as you’re polite and don’t bother the patients or staff.

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