Vacation is hard work!

Getting ready to go on vacation is hard work!

My parents have rented a house on Whidby Island in the Puget Sound, WA.  We’ve been there before.  My minister uncle lived there for a while and Dad sold his art in some of the stores up there.  I went up there with my folks once when I was living with them after I got out of the hospital and off of dialysis. 

As usual my sister and her three kids, and my cousin and her husband are coming.  Not as usual, my middle sister is coming.  It’ll be nice to have the whole family there.  Last year was Lake Michigan, where my Mom’s family is, and it was a little more family than I can deal with at one time.  Solitary by nature, I am.

We’re only taking carry on luggage this time.  I won’t get to bring my pillow. 

Spud will be residing in the atrium for the duration of the trip.  I can seem him now, outside the sliding glass door.  Water will be refilled by the sprinkler system.  I put his hiding logs out there and a supply of regular food where it won’t get wet.  He eats both the baby tears and the vine that covers the wall, though.

I trust our house sitter to take care of the cats.  Familiar and usual pets.  Not so much the tortoise.  She’d probably do it if I asked her, but I’m pretty sure she’d rather not.

All in all, getting ready for vacation is rather more work than one would expect.  New photos when we get back!

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