We had a possum in the atrium last night.  While I was in the office I kept hearing what I thought was bumping on the sliding glass window.  But as it was the Fourth of July, I thought I was mishearing fireworks.

But the Spouse went into the garage for something and I heard him yell, “Possum!  There’s a possum in the atrium.”  I went to look and sure enough, one smallish possum trundling around the atrium.  Not a baby, but for sure not an adult.  No way was it going to be able to scale the atrium walls.  The spouse dragged the big ladder into the atrium and propped it against the wall. 

Our searching this morning has turned up nothing but a pile of possum poo.

One thought on “Possum

  1. We’ve had trouble with opossums lately, too. We have had to trap and relocate them. They were climbing up to the hummingbird feeder and tipping it to drink the nectar. A stealth cam caught them. At least they were not in the house.
    I also noticed the pictures of Spud. We have two turtles roaming around our garden that we see on occasion. They are kind of cute.

    Always Growing

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