China party

Well, it’s not really a China party anymore.  More the group of travelers party now.  Now that we’ve added a few other countries to the list of places visited.

I wasn’t really looking forward to the gathering.  At 50 the Spouse and I are far and away the youngest members of the group.  And there was a new video to watch.  And one of the members birthday slide show.

The food was pretty good.  Outside of the salad with anchovy in the dressing.  Yuck.  I wanted to like it, but I can’t deal with anchovies.  It really was nice to see all of the people again.  All of the people that showed up were ones whose company I enjoy.

Dad’s video was good, too.  Not too long.  Some of the older videos were really long.  His pacing has improved.  It included shots from all of our trips.

Other than that I spent the weekend just trying to get the house in shape before we go.  And spending more time outside with the wandering Spud.  We have discovered that Spud things that toes are tasty.  Regardless of species.

The cats generally go out on the patio with us.  Spud wandered up to my husband’s cat and took a bite at his toe.  The cat, much annoyed, moved to lay elsewhere.  Followed by Spud who again nipped at his toes.  He also went after my toes.  Silly tortoise.

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