More bees and more pantalones

The bee population in the bee stump goes up and down like the tide.  One day we have 2 or 3 sad bees toing and froing; a couple of days later it’s the bee bombing squad.  I don’t know if they’re coming from elsewhere of we have hatchlings.

I still have a beehive in my wall.  I’m not quite sure what to do about it.  When we had the swarm a guy came out and used a shop vac to suck them up.  I paid $125 for that.  Not gonna do that again.  I need to seal the crevice in the wall.  I cringe at the thought, but don’t know what else to do.

I am wearing not new pantalones today.  I tried on some pants that I haven’t worn, well, ever, because they didn’t fit.  A problem one has when ordering clothes through the mail.  They fit now.  They’re even a little loose.  My wieght continues to go down, mostly in ounces, but as long as progress is not retrograde, I’m happy.  It’s like getting new clothes for free.

The Spouse got a call on his cell phone at 9 pm last night.  That’s kind of late for my family to call.  He checked the number and said it was my niece.  I told him to answer it and he did.  Niece yelled hello at the top of her lungs.  The Spouse held the phone a yard away from his head and I don’t blame him.  My nieces and nephew all have cell phones.  On one of our recent family visits they programmed all of our numbers into their phones.  Apparently nieces were having a not-so-sleepy sleepover.  There were forts made of blankets, cell phone calls and much yelling.  Ah, family life.

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