Very hot weekend

106 degrees this weekend.  Except for last night, I went outside little and late.  Saturday it was 102 at 7 pm with no air movement at all.  Yard work was just flat out of the question until yesterday. 

Nasturtians are like land-bound water lilies in late winter and spring, when the heat rolls around they crisp up and die.  Yesterday between sunset and full dark I spent a lot of time pulling up the dried nasturtian plants.  I also pulled out a lot of the parsley that had come up from seed scattered by some I planted in a pot a few years ago.  It’s come up here and there about the yard ever since then, but I use the parsley in cooking and use the flowers for my desk.  I’m not upset when I see it popping up around the yard.

I moved the carpenter bee stump to sweep up the continual pile of sawdust that collects around the base.  I could totally live up this piece of log that’s over two feet high and a foot and half across with one hand.  There are nearly 20 holes in it and the competition for them is fierce.  A bee will try one opening and get kicked out and continue trying openings till it finds one unoccupied.  I don’t know if that’s usual behavior.  I had thought they’d each drilled their own nest, but I’ve seen this happen several times now.  There was also a not fully developed larvae on the ground beside the stump the other day.  Did it get pulled out to make room for someone else’s young?  I think it likely.  I really can’t find that much info on the net about them, except as pests.

When I came home from work on Thursday the last hummingbaby had flown.  Couldn’t ask for a better outcome.  And now I can clean all the dead leaves, etc. out of the atrium without worrying about scaring birds.

We seem to be the place for lost and lonely nestlings.  Yesterday I was getting a glass of water and I heard a distressed bird chirping on the patio.  I’ve become familiar with the sound, so I was pretty sure what it was.  I went outside and sure enough there was a fledling sparrow/house finch sitting on a shelf on on the barbeque.  It had spiderwebs covering its eyes.  I removed the spider webs from its eyes and put it out the back gate.  Fewer cats out there.

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