New things

So I’ve started doing my Spanish lessons while I walk on the treadmill.  We took the laptop, loaded the language software and strapped it to the console of the treadmill with a bungee cord.  That’s not as precarious as it might seem.  There’s a ledge on the console and the thing has little no-slip feet on the back.  A bungee around the lower edge keeps the screen from overbalancing when I’m walking. 

I walk and work for about a mile and a quarter, then close up the laptop, set it aside and go for a little more speed.  I’ve gone through more lessons in a week than I have in the last three months.  I’ve also added on a little extra mileage.  Not a bad deal all around.

I’ve always wanted to learn a second language.  I can get a 5% increase in salary if I can pass the Spanish test at work.  The hispanic population of the city is quite high.  No matter what people think of that issue, you work with the environment you have, not the one you want.  And it pisses off the pompous folk that think that we can’t be bothered to learn another language no end.  Nice people are pleased when you even try.

I also travel to Spanish-speaking countries.    Even my small smattering of Spanish was no end of useful in Peru.  I’ll still speak classroom Spanish, but it’ll be better than nothing.

In hummingbaby news, the last baby was still on the nest.   The nest itself has gonefrom being a lovely, delicate little egg cup to a messy, flattened poop pancake.  I’d thought about trying to keep the nest last year, but the final condition of the nest made it less than appealing.  I’ll keep the photos and cut the frond off the tree when it’s all over.

I think the fledged baby buzzed me yesterday in the yard.  I’ve seen the mom around a lot.  She’s the skinny one, poor little thing.  Yesterday I got eyed by one that was more than a little plump.  Maybe it recognized me as the one that kept putting it’s sibling back on the nest.  I give the runt another day or so and it will be gone.

One thought on “New things

  1. Hola!! LOL! I used to be almost fluent after years of classes, and living with my granmother. But when I moved away from So. Calif to Tahoe, I never used the language so it was all but lost, it cam back a bit when I spent 2 weeks in Spain. I still understand some and can converse a bit, but not so good. I am gald the last little hummer looks like he will survive!!! YEA!

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