Abandon ship!

I learned something new this weekend.  Something I really didn’t want to know.  I now know what a distressed baby hummingbird sounds like.  I was in the office on the computer and I kept hearing this whistle. 

I went into the atrium to pull down the vines and noticed that there was only one baby in the nest.  Damn!  Stepping very carefully I started to search the ground under the nest.  After a few minutes I found it and put it back in the nest.   I noticed it was significantly smaller than its sibling.   Damn.  A little bit later I noticed it was out again.  Again I put it back.  And watched as it pushed itself out of the nest one more time.  Suicidal hummingbird chicks?  The parent bird has been gone for long periods and the larger chick is much larger.  Is there some kind of instinct that causes the less developed chick to sacrifice itself for the good of the larger?

It was the end of the day by then.  I put it back in the nest and moved its nestmate until it was nearly on top of the smaller one.  It was still there this morning.  I’ll check again tonight.  It’s my hope that it isn’t dead.

2 thoughts on “Abandon ship!

  1. Oh! Sad. Unfortunately when I had a nest only one survived. Fortunately since I was married at the time, my ex found the baby dead and laid him to rest before I got home. I would have been a mess if I had found him. I guess he was good for something at one point. I will think positive huimmer thoughts for the little one!

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