Weekend bits

I feel like I’m watching the end of the world. 

The change in the price of gas is going to affect everything.  Price of food going up, no duh.  Tractors that care for food run on gas.  The trucks that deliver food run on gas.  The cars that we go to the market in run on gas.  The dominion of the human may be coming to a close. 

How to you haul all the food into urban and suburban areas without gas?  Will urban landscaps become insupportable?

Going to make our trip to the Galapagos before we can’t afford it any more.  Before no one can afford it any more.  International travel ending. 

We went to a get-to-know-you potluck this weekend.  There was very little traffic on the freeway.  Are people actually driving less because it costs too much to go anywhere?  Maybe not now, but likely soon. 

Want to sell your SUV for something that gets better mileage?  Good luck.  The people that are trying that now can’t get enough to pay off what they owe on them.  All those gas hogs are sitting on the dealer lots, collecting dust.

I’m making decisions based on the creepy feeling I have about the future right now.  I’m turning into my grandmother, who planted more food plants the older she got.

I’ve decided to give up all the banana plants that I have.  I’ve had them for several years now and not a banana in the bunch (pun intended).  Out they go.  More tomato plants.  Or any other food plant that will work in a pot.  Have to do some research on that.  I’ve stuck mostly with tomatoes over the years because they’re very rewarding, but I’d like some variety.  Beans maybe?  Perhaps potatoes?

The hummingbabies are doing well.  The nest is crowded already.  I hardly ever see the mother bird.  I think she’s having to range farther to find food for them.  I can’t believe how fast they grow.  Eggs a week ago and a crowded nest today.  I’d put out food for her, but I don’t think white sugar is much better for them than it is for us.

One thought on “Weekend bits

  1. Squash is pretty easy to grow, if I remember correctly. I love zuchinni so many different ways. Sauteed, stuffed, with tomatoes, in soups, raw. Growing up my grandmother had a garden, we had lots of zuchinni.

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