Hummingbabies – Week 2

I think it was very considerate of the hummingbird to build her nest right outside the window where  can keep an eye on her and the nest.

Over the weekend, while she was gone to eat, I put a stepladder in the atrium and tried to get pictures of the inside of the nest.  The stepladder is pretty wobbly in the damp ground of the atrium and I didn’t want to stay out there too long.  I got a picture of one egg.  I was afraid that was all she had.  They usually have two.

Later in the weekend while Mama Hummingbird was off for sustenance I went in again and tipped the leaf down.  Two tiny eggs, each slightly larger than a pea.  Ever so gently I let the leaf back up, so as not to have catapulting eggs.

It was very hot over the weekend.  At peak temperature she didn’t sit on the eggs; she sat on the side of the nest.  I never knew that hummingbirds panted, but she did.  I guess it’s the only temperature regulation method she has. 

If thinkgs go the same as they did last year, sometime this week there will be tiny fuzzy babies instead of little pearl eggs.  I think it likely that she’s the same one as last year, but I have know way of knowing for sure. 

It’s been so much fun being able to watch from the start.  Adds a little bit of happiness to my days.

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