No hummingbabies?

So Monday morning I checked the atrium and didn’t see the hummingbird anything, so I went out there to take a picture of the nest.  She was there in a bush a little away from the nest.  She immediately buzzed away.

I didn’t see her for the rest of that day.  I didn’t see her yesterday.  I was afraid that I’d scared her away forever.  I was really sad at the thought.

This morning, though, I walked by the atrium and I saw her go buzzing off.  She was there again when I left for work.  I e-mailed the Spouse to ask him to stay out of the atrium.  He doesn’t usually go in there, but we’ve been talking about cleaning out the fountain. . .

This afternoon he sent me an e-mail saying that the nest is finished and she’s sitting on it.  Yes, there will be hummingbabies!


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