Hummingbabies again!

There’s another hummingbird nest in the atrium.  This year I’ve been able to watch her build it.  Last year it was already built before I ever saw it. 

It’s been fun watching her build it; sewing it all together with that little needle beak of hers.  It started as a little bit of something clinging to the palm frond and has turned more nest-like by the minute.

She buzzes off and returns a few minutes later with a bit of fuzz/fluff/leaf/web in her beak and tucks it into the construction.  She also seems to tamp down the center with her feet.  That’s funny to watch; the whole nest vibrates.

She’s most active in the early morning, before 8 am.  I counted over 20 visits to the nest between 6:30 and 7:30 yesterday.  I think it will be finished today, so 4 days from nothing to nest.  How soon before there are eggs?


One thought on “Hummingbabies again!

  1. Oh! Babies. I watched a hummingbird nest once. THere were 2 eggs, 2 babies, unfortunately only one baby made it. I think once they get bigger there is only room for one. I found the nest in one of my potted ficus trees, from all the litttle tiny bird poops in one place when i looked up there it was. I named the baby Frank. He eventually grew up and flew away.

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