Not the expected reaction

Ran errands with my husband this weekend.  Generally if we go anywhere on the weekends we eat out someplace.  This weekend it was a sandwich shop.

In front of us in line was a 20-something girl wearing a top that bared her midrif and low cut jeans.  The zipper (maybe 3 inches long) was down and the jeans pulled aside to show a bathingsuit bottom.

After she’d gone past us I whispered to my husband, “Did you see that?”  He glanced in the direction I was looking and said, “Oh, the overweight Brittany-type wearing the belly shirt that she shouldn’t?”  He hadn’t even noticed the unzipped zipper.

I had to laugh.  I figured the poor girl would just be appalled.  I don’t think that was quite the attention she was going for when she arranged her outfit.  She was going for young sexy thing and my 50-year-old husband went ‘Eh, overweight Brittany look.’

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