I don’t know

 I had to run across the street to make a delivery, but I noticed her as I went by.  I could tell by looking at her that she was old, for a bee.  The hair had worn off of her back, her wings were tattered around the edges.  She was sitting on the stairs in front of the building at work.  She moved a little as I passed, so I knew she was alive, but I didn’t think she’d be making it back to the hive.

I paused briefly, but I needed to make my delivery before everyone left for the day.

On the way back I stopped and picked up a leaf, nudged it under her and set her on a bush in the planter.  Maybe I did her no favors.  A lingering death clinging to a leaf or one swift squash from the foot an oblivious passerby.  I don’t know.

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