Wherein I float a whopping boat full of stupid

On Monday night I took my meds, and then I took them again.

 Most of them are slow release, so along about 11:30 on Tuesday I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I stood up and promptly fell down.

Paramedics were called, an ambulance arrived and I was carried away to the local hospital.

2 days and one removeable pacemaker later I was able to go home.  I looked like a junkie.  I’d had 2 iv lines per arm. 

Not to mention the wire they threaded up through my leg to my heart.   That was fun.  Normally I sit cross legged.  I wasn’t allowed to bend my leg.  I had to lay on my back, leg unbent.  Between that and the blood pressure cuff going off automatically every ten minutes, there was no sleep to be had.

Over a week later I still have adhesive stuck to my skin where all the tape was.  Some of it in places uncomfortable or unreachable.  My husband suggested scrubbing it with the kitchen sponge, but I’m really not interested in further abusing the areas I’ve ripped tape off of.

To further add to my general humiliation, the fire chief was standing outside the emergency room door when they brought me in.  Now I’m guessing that if anyone was brought out of the City Council/City Manager’s office, he’d be there in case it was actually someone important.

And of course, three of the five paramedics that came to the office have been back on other errands since.  I really wish it was feasible for me to hide under my desk for the next few months.

One thought on “Wherein I float a whopping boat full of stupid

  1. Oh my gosh! I’m just catching up! I’m so sorry but so glad you’re
    ok. Did you have a heart attack? Was it because of the double meds? I can totally understand how that can happen. Wishing you the best.

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