To all you stalwart, hard working folks who drag yourselves in to work when you’re sick, stay the hell home, would you please?  You have no idea who you might affect with your nasty diseases.  You give your case of the flu or a cold to people around the office.  The receptionist visits her elderly mom in a nursing home twice a week.  A cold turned to pneumonia would kill her.  Oh, and the 2nd floor secretary, her husband is undergoing chemo.  If she gets sick, she won’t be able to see.  If he should get it, well, you know.  Or me.  I had chemo 20 years ago and recently my immune system has stopped working.  So a cold to you may mean a hospital stay for me.  And lost income for my part time job that has no sick or vacation time.   So stay the heck home, will ya?

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