I still miss her

It’s been 6 or 7 years since Grandma Edna died.

I can hear her “Hello” whenever I think of her.  She sounded like a parrot.  The thought makes me smile.

She’s really the only person I’ve known that was influential to me that has died.  I’ve been very lucky in that regard.

At her funeral the comment was ‘she wasn’t a milk and cookies’ kind of grandma, and she wasn’t.  She wore loud prints, had red carpet and turqouise furniture and a ton of costume jewelry.  She wasn’t the brightest of bulbs, either, once commenting that she got an ‘almost perfect’ score on an I.Q. test. 

But she was brave and pragmatic.  She never complained.  She was generous. 

And she had the worlds best yard.  She had a small grove of avocado trees, maybe 7 large trees, on a quarter of an acre.   It was the jungle I got to be Tarzan in.

I realize now that a lot of what I’m doing in my garden is trying to recreate the tranquil feeling I had in Grandma’s yard.  Surrounded by green, uninterrupted by people.

I still miss her.

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