Spring hunting

We had an amazing few days last week.  Temps in the 70’s; it felt wonderful.  Spent a lot of time outside, none of it doing yardwork.

The cats were positively giddy, rolling around on the cement, running from one end of the patio to the other.  Ash caught her first grasshopper of the season, which excited her no end.  She managed to sneak into the house with it, which annoyed and amused me at once.  She likes to take her catches into our seldom-used bathtub because she can play with them and the shower curtain keeps them from getting away.  I tried a couple of times to get it away from her, but she would skitter away, her prize firmly between her teeth.

I thought in the end she had taken it outside, but I found the poor thing on the livingroom floor, much the worse for wear.  It was missing a leg and various other bits, so I put it in the trash outside.  It had suffered enough.  Ash searched for her missing toy, yeowing most pitifully.

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