I’m suffering from the worst guilt attack I’ve had in a long time.

My mom-in-law is the nicest person and I love her.  She’s never been anything but nice to me.

She also feeds the neighborhood stray cats.  At times she’s had more than 20 of them.  She doesn’t have much money.  The stray cat feeding thing really bothers me. 

Her neighbors are not happy and I don’t blame them.  Cat poop everywhere, cat fights at night.  Any many of the cats are diseased.  I wouldn’t want it my neighborhood.

If I thought she was doing some good for the cats, I’d be a lot less upset.  But all you get when you feed homeless cats is another generation of homeless cats.  Another generation of kittens born in the shrubbery, half of them diseased before they open their eyes.

So the last time we went to see her I tried to get her to look at it from her neighbors point of view.

A couple of days ago my husband called her to see if she’d gotten the DVD’s he’d ordered sent to her and she told him that she was afraid that I hated her because of the cat thing.  My heart just fell when I heard that.  However little I like her feeding all the stray cats in her neighborhood, I love my mother-in-law.  Here comes the guilt.

2 thoughts on “Mom-in-law

  1. That’s sad. You need to go talk to her. Explain that you are just concerned. I have, on a few occasions been where you are. Imagine having to tell a dear friend that though she has no sense of smell, that she really does need to use underarm deoderant in the summer. I offered to be the one to tell her. We both worked at the same place and our boss said that either I had to tell her or she would. I felt like the most horrible person alive.

  2. Found you from Grouse’s page and thought I might have a good idea – some vets and animal shelters will do a catch and neuter/spay for feral cats. They tend to stay in the area afterwards and there is less fighting, disease and excess generations. They protect their territory and so the cycle tends to stablize and leaves less damage all the way around. Might be worth it for peace of mind and for family peace to see if there are resources that can help make it happen.

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