Called my doctor today.  The last time I went my blood test results showed a couple of disturbing things.  Cholesterol is too high, no surprise there.  But my vitamin D levels are almost non-existent.  This is after four months of taking supplemental D and calcium with D. 

Most disturbing is that imune levels are waaayy below normal.   On the first set of tests I thought it was a fluke or a mistake.  But two sets of tests are not likely to show the same error.  Crap.  The only treatment for it is imunoglubulin transfusions.  Weekly.  Double crap.

The doc is not looking to do this yet and would want me to see an immunologist first.  I haven’t had any infections, respiratory infections are most likely and most dangerous.  I haven’t had any lately.  Nothing in the 4 months since the first round of tests.  I feel fine.  I’ve actually felt better than normal for the past couple of months.  Dang it.  Now I’m worried.

One thought on “Crap

  1. Me too. My husband has RA. I recently read something about vitamin D deficiency. I think I will tell him to ask his doctor to check his as well. Good Luck.

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