Originally uploaded by lorinda3l2000.

I’ve been gardening long enough now to know what kind of tools that I should use.

I shouldn’t and don’t use expensive clippers or other tools with moving parts. They get left in the yard pretty much all year. I get some that are moderately priced and try to keep them oiled.

I have a bunch of galvanized cans in which Ikeep stuff like potting soil, sand and other supplies. They work much better than plastic. Plastic generally lasts a year, maybe two, then becomes brittle and pretty much useless. The can on the right in the photo belonged to my grandmother.

I’m coming to appreciate the tools that I have from my grandma. She still had the stuff because it lasts forever. Buying plastic crap and having to replace it every year is waste of resources, one of which is money.

Others of my favorite yard tools are the splatter ware cups and coffee pot below. The coffee pot spent two years burried under a plant and has emerged little the worse for wear.

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